With EcoMech 1 there are a few unique ways of inputting energy into the device. First and most obvious is by manually winding the machine up much like you would a music box. This would come in handy when there is no sun or wind to create electricity. Secondly, the battery bank can be utilized and use a small amount of energy to wind the machine up. Lastly, if desired, a solar panel can be adapted to prevent manual winding. 



EcoMech 1 can be customized to create any feasible output. Our current models such as our backpack model has an output of 750 watt continuous vs. our tag-along model which has an output of 4,000 watt continuous.  

  • Our current concept backpack model would be perfect for bringing with you to charge your personal devices such as laptops, cell phones, etc...  or power small handheld tools such as, drills, saws, etc...
  • Our 4,000 watt tag-along would be perfect for emergency power outages, to take camping, or on a building site where electricity may not yet be available. 



If you're tired of being without energy at the most inconvenient times, then EcoMech 1 will be your new most valuable asset. From emergency preparedness, camping, prepping, or general use. EcoMech 1 will power it all! 


GenEvolutions, LLC is quietly working with one of the top A.I. research facilities on ways to incorporate EcoMech 1 with the future of robotics.