How does the warranty work?

EcoMech 1 has a 10 year warranty against manufacture defects. If your EcoMech 1 fails to operate properly due to manufacture defect we will replace or refurbish any defected part at no cost to the customer. Customer will be responsible for shipping to our service facility.

How long does it take to charge EcoMech 1?

EcoMech 1's specially designed turbine is rated at 1000 Watts/110V which means EcoMech 1 can produce @ 11.5 m/s on average 1400 Watts per hr, 11.667 amp/120V. EcoMech 1 is designed to keep constant pressure on the power springs and never be completely unwound or drained of energy. However, if EcoMech 1 is overused and accidentally completely drained of energy you can expect a re-charge time of approximately 6 hours using the solar adapter or 3 hours by manual winding method. 

How dependable is EcoMech 1?

EcoMech 1 is the most dependable generator in the world and is made with quality industrial-grade parts which give users an unmatched fail-safe way to generate electric in an emergency.

Is EcoMech 1 hand built?

Yes, every custom part is hand built and includes over 12+ hours. We are obsessed about the quality of our parts and our craftsman take great pride in their work. 

Where can I get my EcoMech 1 serviced? 

Routine maintenance can be performed by any GenEvolutions service personnel in your area , Also for matters beyond general maintenance please send to our main facility in Stanford, Kentucky. Once you ship your EcoMech 1 to our repair facility it will be serviced and sent back as soon as possible. 

What parts are made of Tegris?

Entire housing/shell are made of light weight Tegris Thermo-Composite. 

What is the build time of my EcoMech 1?

Build time is currently around 12 hours. However, a 120 day waiting period should be expected from the time of purchase due to possible back order and\ or high order volume .

How is the payment schedule divided?

Payment schedule includes an initial deposit to begin the build, and a final payment will be due upon completion of your EcoMech 1.  *See "Store" linked at the top or bottom of this page to find out more.

How much energy can we expect out of Eco-Pac and EcoMech 1?

With Eco-Pac you can expect 110/120 Volt output at 19.2 amp hour without winding or solar use. With solar adapter or winding you can expect virtually unlimited output and amp hours. With EcoMech 1 you can expect 110/120 Volt output at 211 amp hour.  However, with solar or winding or a combination of both you can achieve virtually unlimited output and amp hours.

What's the difference between regular solar energy vs EcoMech 1 technology?

EcoMech 1 can use a very small amount of solar energy to achieve high tension/torque on a custom spring drive that ultimately turns a windmill generator to replicate wind speeds of 50-60 MPH wind. This allows us to achieve more output than a solar panel can provide in the same amount of time. 

Why is EcoMech 1 more efficient than a windmill?

As the wind passes the windmill blades, a low pressure side is developed on the back side of the blades forcing the blades literally to cut through the wind. Which causes the windmill to fight wind friction. Which in turn makes the windmill not very efficient. However, with EcoMech 1 we do not experience the problem of cutting through low pressure wind as we are not using wind to turn the electric generator.  Instead, we are using high tension/torque and a speed increasing gear system to turn the generator at customization speeds to achieve different output depending on the users application.